All About Cloud are a group of volunteer cloud computing enthusiasts, who contribute some of our time to this blog, to keep you informed about what we think is interesting or fun.

If you’d like to join us, we accept new authors and we’re basically happy to have anyone else come on board, as long as you follow our basic rules:

  • No directly advertising your services. Where it fits into a story, that’s fine but don’t write advertorials, please.
  • Basic ability to use WordPress.
  • Enough motivation to bang out an article every week or two. We don’t place any requirements on you, as all works is done for the love of it but it’s nice if you can contribute now and then.
  • Strong English skills: sorry – the site is only in English at this time and to write for us, we expect you have a better than simply passable grasp of the grammar and spelling.

As far as content, it can be as technical or generic as you like and, as long as it’s vaguely on topic and non-abusive, you’ll be given a free hand.

Get in touch below, if you’re interested in contributing or have an idea for an article: