What do you do when you can’t compete on merit?

What do you do when you can’t compete on merit?


Hypocrisy has a new name – and that name is Fairsearch.org: a consortium formed out of Google’s competitors to try to use government regulation as their next weapon against Google’s search and Android businesses.

Companies, including Nokia, Oracle, Microsoft and a bunch of companies you haven’t heard of are crying foul to the EU Commission that Google is playing unfairly by giving Android away for free and including apps on it, such as Maps, Gmail, etc.

What’s extremely hypocritical about this is Nokia, Microsoft and Oracle are all guilty of exactly what they’re claiming Google is doing, here. Nokia had a market dominance for years and sold phones loaded with their software and only their software. Adding 3rd party apps was virtually impossible. Microsoft and anti-trust in the EU is a long, complicated history of guilt and Oracle goes out of their way to prevent users from using any other vendor with their hardware or software.

Both Nokia and Microsoft release handsets that are running Windows Phone OS and come only with Microsoft applications. IE is the only browser users can use on Windows RT (properly) and Microsoft are currently being investigated by the same body for this very reason, after recently taking a whopping $800 million fine for the exact same thing on Windows 7 desktop operating system.

Google on the other hand, makes it comically simple for 3rd parties to get applications on to Android devices.

More importantly Google isn’t even the one giving Android to users. They provide Android as an OS to vendors, who in turn use it and load the applications they see fit onto the device – often crudding them up with their own alternative applications.

While it’s nothing new for organisations to try to use law-fare to compete, this particular group of companies has certainly taken pot calling kettle black to a whole new level.

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  1. David ChernyDavid Cherny04-14-2013

    All is fair in love and war. Sometime you just can’t beat a competitor with innovation and you have to try a legal path, Sounds like sour grapes.

    • RodneyRodney04-15-2013

      and that’s good for the consumers, how?

    • FionaFiona04-15-2013

      I can’t believe anyone would actually think this is a good thing! Stifling innovation through trolling the government, courts or other such avenues is terrible for end users, innovators and inventors. I’m certain David is just being a troll.