• The Xbox One

    Is Microsoft planning to sell Xbox?

    Former CEO and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has kicked off speculation that Microsoft might be looking to offload their Xbox business, in a recent question and answer session with university students, held by Fox News. The move would seem to be an odd one, for

  • Hero Large

    New Microsoft CEO to focus on cloud

    The speculation is now over and Microsoft has a new CEO: Satya Nadella – and the buzz is, Microsoft has made a good choice. Unlike the other front runner for the position, Ford Motors CEO, Alan Mulally, Nadella is a Microsoft man through and through – 22 years

  • FairSearch

    What do you do when you can’t compete on merit?

    Hypocrisy has a new name – and that name is Fairsearch.org: a consortium formed out of Google’s competitors to try to use government regulation as their next weapon against Google’s search and Android businesses. Companies, including Nokia, Oracle, Microsoft and a bunch of companies you haven’t