New Microsoft CEO to focus on cloud

New Microsoft CEO to focus on cloud

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The speculation is now over and Microsoft has a new CEO: Satya Nadella – and the buzz is, Microsoft has made a good choice.

Unlike the other front runner for the position, Ford Motors CEO, Alan Mulally, Nadella is a Microsoft man through and through – 22 years in the company and plenty of experience. He’s been the man at the helm of the Windows Server division of the company – and area Microsoft is highly respected in and a staple of the company in terms of both it’s ability to penetrate enterprise and also in terms of revenue.

Included in the Windows Server division is the Windows Azure product, so Nadella is no stranger to Microsoft’s cloud services offerings. He’s been one of the driving forces behind the integration of Microsoft’s cloud products into both their consumer range, such as XBox and Skype, as well as the very tight integration the latest iteration of their server products brings to Azure. For example, Windows Server 2012 R2, DPM 2012, Exchange 2013 and many other items from the Microsoft server stable now include almost push-button integration with their cloud, in one form or another.

In his first few statements, Nadella is also setting the scene. He’s stated that his vision is to see Microsoft evolve into a company that puts “…cloud first, mobile first …everything is becoming digital and software driven”.

He’s also promising to not hold back, when it comes to changes, When asked what his first order of business was, Nadella responded “I would say the first thing I want to do and focus on is ruthlessly remove any obstacles that allow us to innovate – and then focus all that innovation on things that Microsoft can uniquely do”.

At the same time, founder Bill Gates will be stepping down from the Chair of the Board and will take on an active role inside Microsoft, once more. He’s promising to devote one third of his time (the other two thirds remaining at his philanthropy organisation) to assisting Nadella with product vision, in the newly formed role of “Technology Advisor”. Previous CEO of Symantec, John Thompson, will replace Gates as chair of the board.

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