Is Microsoft planning to sell Xbox?

Is Microsoft planning to sell Xbox?

The Xbox One

Former CEO and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has kicked off speculation that Microsoft might be looking to offload their Xbox business, in a recent question and answer session with university students, held by Fox News.

The move would seem to be an odd one, for a company that claims to be trying to reposition itself as a “device and services” company – especially one that recently splashed about $7.2 billion USD out on Nokia’s phone division, to help build this capability. It would seem even more strange, as the Xbox division is finally making money and is a clear consumer win; one of Microsoft’s few.

During the questioning, Gates was asked if Microsoft had any plans to offload services such as Bing, Xbox and others – and he notably only really defended Bing, calling it a fundamental technology.

Given the massive amount of effort Microsoft has gone to, aligning the feel of Windows across PC, tablet, phone and Xbox, it would seem to be, for now at least, an unlikely move. If a future buyer could assure Microsoft that the Xbox would remain aligned to Redmond, however, such a sale might just be a lot more believable.

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