Hackers now targeting your cloud

Hackers now targeting your cloud


It should really come as no surprise, but media reports are now suggesting that cloud computing services are increasingly becoming the target of malicious folk, attempting to gain access to your data.

It’s now estimated that just under half of Australian businesses are using some form of cloud computing for the business data and applications. This ranges from file synchronising service, such as dropbox, SkyDrive, email systems like Gmail and Outlook.com to full blown cloud computing environments, based around managed services and virtual services.

In many cases, while these cloud systems are expertly administered, end user maintained systems are often fired up as virtual instances and then rarely administered from then on. Given the high speed connections most cloud services run on, these can then make very attractive targets for hackers.

As cloud services are increasingly commoditised, many (particularly smaller) business are attempting to self manage their own IT systems via public cloud offerings more than ever before and this has lead to a proliferation of very fast and powerful servers with weak security.

Additionally, having your business running out of a cloud based service necessitates having, if not all of your data on-line, then certainly a large proportion of it, which likewise increases the attractiveness of these targets.

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