Google I/O just 2 weeks away

Google I/O just 2 weeks away

Google I/O 2013

It’s just 2 weeks until Google I/O kicks off, brining a couple of days of full on Google madness, showcasing what we can expect from the boys from Mountain View over the next 12 months.

With last year’s I/O event involving people skydiving,¬†abseiling¬†and BMXing into the convention centre, it’s anyone’s guess what they’ve got planned to top that, this year.

Even still, as always, there’s some solid rumours about what we can expect to see, this time around.

Key Lime Pie
Will it or won’t it? It’s been rumoured that version 5 of Android will be held off until after Google I/0 2013, allowing manufacturers more time to catch up on JellyBean, however recently, some sources are claiming to see evidence of Android version 4.3 turning up in their web server logs. So perhaps Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0) won’t make an appearance (although we hope it does) but it’s possible JellyBean 4.3 will turn up to offer us something in the meantime.

Reworked Nexus Q
When Google announced the Nexus Q at Google I/0 2012 it left everyone wondering what they’d been smoking. It was a rare case of Google massively overpricing a product that really offered far less than it’s competition. Google’s built their reputation on offering cheaper products that do more, so the Nexus Q was a real doozie for the company. So much so, they pulled the product and refunded all purchasers their money (while letting them keep the devices). None the less, a fair amount of R&D would have gone into the Q, so we can probably expect to see a cheaper, more feature rich version reappear, sometime.

Nexus 5
If you tried to buy a Nexus 4 it’s probably still on back order but that won’t stop Google from releasing an updated version of their flagship phone and Google I/O is the ideal place to do that. Given the growth of screen sizes, the Nexus 5 (for 5″ screen) seems a likely and poetic upgrade from the Nexus 4. I would imagine this to ship with Android 4.3 (as above) and LTE and I would expect it to be a very nice product – Google knows they need to compete with Apple on build quality as well, these days. Hopefully this time they’ll get the supply chain side of things worked out.

Google Now
Google’s had an excellent run with Google Now. It’s pretty universally positively reviewed and it’s actually a very solid product. Now that it’s on Androids and iPhones alike, we can probably expect to see it on the web, very soon. In fact, it’s rumoured to be replacing iGoogle (terrible name) and even the default Google Search page may be Now-ified for users who are logged in to Google. If this happens, it will be a real chance for Google to get a very solid beachhead on all iPhones and has the potential to kill Siri, quickly. Users would be encouraged to use Google Now & Chrome on their desktop and could quickly come to use it on their phones as well. This alone could be Google’s best method of staying one step ahead of Apple for the next 12 months as it pretty much guarantees that even devoted iOS users will wind up basing much of their daily activities through Google.

Google Glass
Given the recent Google Glass ads, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that Google Glass is set for some more showcasing and Google I/O is the obvious place to do this. Early developer copies of the product are starting to ship right now, so the chances are, some real incentives for developers will be brought up, at I/O.

What else?
Other than these, it’s rumoured that there will be price drops on existing Google branded products, like the Nexus 4 and 10, as well as possibly a Nexus 10 with LTE or 3G connectivity, instead of wifi only. There’s even talk of an Android based home automation solution being pushed by Google, called [email protected] Also, it’s been a while since the Nexus 7 got a refresh, so you’d have to put that at odds on for an update, too.

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