Google I/O 2014 is just hours away

Google I/O 2014 is just hours away

Google I/O 2014

Google I/O 2014 is just a few hours away, so now’s the perfect time to ask what you think Google’s likely to announce – and have one last quick check of the rumour mill.

From what we’ve heard, here’s what’s likely to be announced:

  • Smart watches and other Android Wear devices. Something like the Moto 360 should be covered and we should find out a lot more about where they’re planning to go with this.
  • Google Glass. It’s been getting a lot of press, lately, with new designs from Diane von Furstenberg (who is apparently someone who designs glasses), to a UK release date, Glass is still very much on the agenda.
  • Android Everywhere. From Android Wear to Google Glass, it’s worth mentioning this as a separate point – we fully expect Google to start pushing Android in places other than your phone handset.
  • The last Nexus tablet – the Nexus 9 (HTC) is rumoured to be the last of the Nexus tablet range (they’re looking to replace them with a purer version of Android devices). There’s strong evidence for this rumour – but at the same time, it doesn’t make sense for Google to retreat from the tablet space and Nexus has been popular, so we’ll watch this one with interest.
  • An iterative update to Android. We don’t think it’s likely that the next major Android release will come out (say Lollipop or whatever they call it) but it’s likely a dot point increase on Kit Kat will be released. Honestly, we don’t feel like Kit Kat has really had the chance to shine that it deserves, yet, so it doesn’t seem like time to move on. Still, some believe Android 5.0 could be about to be released; although personally I’d have to suggest more information would have leaked, by now, if that was going to happen.
  • Google+. They’ve got to say something about it, now Vic Gundotra has moved on from Google.
  • Updates to the Chromebook and Chrome OS. This is basically a given. The Chromebook hasn’t seen a refresh in a long time and Chrome OS needs a strong marketing push, right now, if it’s going to take its chance. It’s finally gaining traction, so now needs to be the time to make people sit up and take notice.
  • Chromecast. Let’s face it – it’s been a hit, so they’ll focus on it.
  • Android TV. They need to announce this before Apple, to prevent Apple using its standard lawfare defence, and it’s an area they’ve tried a few times to crack. Expect another attempt.
  • Android car stuff. Apple and Microsoft have already got their car stuff happening and Google’s announced partnerships with a few major car companies – but we haven’t really seen anything of substance, yet. I/O would be a good place to give us a bit more information.
  • Driverless cars. We all saw Google’s cute little self built car recently – I’d fully expect them to capitalise on this positive publicity and announce something more or at least show us more detail.
  • Nest. Google bought them – now it’s time to show us why.
  • Project ARA – the modular phone.
  • Domains. Google is now selling domains and taking on GoDaddy, as of yesterday. I’d expect this to get a mention.
  • Google Fibre – possibly some announcements about new areas I don’t live in, that are going to get it.
  • Google Compute Engine. Amazon Web Services is the undisputed leader in cloud and the only other player of note is Microsoft’s Azure, which is the clear number two. If Google doesn’t get their butt into gear with Compute, they’re going to become an also-ran, very fast.

But it won’t all be consumables. Unlike Apple’s so called developer conference, where Apple mostly showcase products and run sales pitches, Google I/O actually drills down with live demos of new tools for developers. Expect a lot of detail on these, focusing on Chrome apps in particular.

So what are your thoughts? What’s likely to get announced at Google I/O, 2014?

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