Coalition NBN alternative plan released

Coalition NBN alternative plan released

Coalition NBN Plan

Today, the Australian Liberal Party released their alternative plan to the government’s NBN and given their previous positions, it’s quite a scaled up approach.

Historically, the Liberal’s plan had been to rely more heavily on the private sector, coupled with a government funded wireless network, costing about $6 billion AUD. This revised plan has seen a whopping funding increase to $30 billion (still short of the Labor government’s estimated $42 billion plan, however none the less a sizeable investment).

Opposition leader, Tony Abbot, indicated that the coalition is now fully behind some form of government based NBN and that they believe their version, albeit less ambitious, will be delivered far faster to Australian residents and provide sufficient speed and capacity for almost every user.

“…We will deliver a better national broadband network faster and more affordably than this Government possibly can….”

The coalition is offering users expected speeds of around 30mbit down and about 10mbit up (Labor is promising 100 up and down however field tests to date are not achieving these speeds). They’re effectively looking at a fibre to the exchange concept, rather than fibre to the home.

Either way, it seems Australians should get some significant improvements in residental connectivity, in the coming years, however under both plans, large sections of the country have very long wait times, before they can expect to enjoy any kind of speed increase.

At this stage, the business community is waiting on additional information about what will be available for commercial organisations, as 10mbit upload speeds isn’t going to be a game changer for any businesses.

We’ll post more information as it comes to hand.

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