• Facebook

    Facebook plays mind games with its users

    Over the past couple of months, you might have noticed some of your friends on facebook had become a lot more negative about life – or maybe a bit more upbeat? It wasn’t just a coincidence. You see, facebook took it upon themselves to conduct a

  • Google I/O 2014

    Google I/O 2014 is just hours away

    Google I/O 2014 is just a few hours away, so now’s the perfect time to ask what you think Google’s likely to announce – and have one last quick check of the rumour mill. From what we’ve heard, here’s what’s likely to be announced: Smart watches

  • The Xbox One

    Is Microsoft planning to sell Xbox?

    Former CEO and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has kicked off speculation that Microsoft might be looking to offload their Xbox business, in a recent question and answer session with university students, held by Fox News. The move would seem to be an odd one, for

  • Vic Gundotra

    Vic Gundotra has left the building

    Vic Gundotra, the man behind such Google endeavours as Google+ – and of course a driving force on Android, has announced his immediate retirement from Google. Vic first became known in tech circles as an evangelist for Microsoft, joining that company in 1991, before leaving in

  • Source: Telecom Blog

    Web based crowd funding site, Kickstarter, hacked

    Popular cloud based Crowdfunding site, Kickstarter – the place where many popular consumer gizmo’s like the Pebble watch, Pressy and OUYA got their start – has been hacked, with users’  information being stolen. Kickstarter have confirmed, in a statement on their website, that no credit

  • Hero Large

    New Microsoft CEO to focus on cloud

    The speculation is now over and Microsoft has a new CEO: Satya Nadella – and the buzz is, Microsoft has made a good choice. Unlike the other front runner for the position, Ford Motors CEO, Alan Mulally, Nadella is a Microsoft man through and through – 22 years

  • WindowsAzure

    Microsoft Azure quietly continues to grow

    When people think “big public cloud”, certain names come to mind: Amazon, Rackspace, Maybe Google. Even Apple, for some reason, although they don’t really have a true cloud offering (although the use of the word “cloud” in iCloud, plus the popularity of the iPhone, has

  • Fibre Optics Colours

    Australia’s #3 ISP refuses to sign on to NBN

    iiNet, Australia’s 3rd largest ISP, has rejected signing on to selling the NBN to it customers, citing the NBN co’s “appalling delivery record”. iiNet’s chief regulatory office, Steve Dalby, has stated that iiNet has decided to sign on to the NBN at this stage, as they’re

  • NSAs PRISM Spy Program Mining Data From Nine Huge Internet Companies

    NSA Spying goes incredibly deep

    Thanks to a new report from German news outlet, Der Spiegel, we’re starting to get an idea of just how deep the American National Security Agency (NSA) spying goes – and it’s pretty terrifying. It seems that beyond simply capturing packets floating around the Internet,

  • Google Compute Engine

    Google takes another swing at Amazon with storage pricing

    With Google’s recent announcement of general availability of their cloud computing service, Google Compute Engine (GCE), it seems they’re finally ready to start taking on Amazon at their own game and compete in the world of public cloud computing, full time. Although GCE has been

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