Australia’s #3 ISP refuses to sign on to NBN

Australia’s #3 ISP refuses to sign on to NBN

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iiNet, Australia’s 3rd largest ISP, has rejected signing on to selling the NBN to it customers, citing the NBN co’s “appalling delivery record”.

iiNet’s chief regulatory office, Steve Dalby, has stated that iiNet has decided to sign on to the NBN at this stage, as they’re missing around 80% of their commitments to connect customers on time and, when iiNet is reselling this service, this in effect means iiNet’s reputation and customer service levels will be compromised.

“Each connection appointment missed and every fault not fixed on time generates CSG [customer service guarantee] payments and potential TIO [Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman] charges, which iiNet would be liable for. In other words, we would be responsible for NBN Co’s future delays and network failures. This is unacceptable.”

The NBN Co. claims that discussions with iiNet continue.

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