Amazon & Google cut prices

Amazon & Google cut prices

Cost Cutting

Amazon has reduced the pricing on their public cloud bohemoth, AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the past week.

While the cloud giant is touting “up to 26%” cost reduction, the reality is many users won’t see such a dramatic reduction in costs and quite a lot won’t see any reduction at all. The┬áreduction effects users of the m1, m2, m3 and c1 products and has already taken effect.

A few hours before Amazon’s announcement, Google announced a price reduction on their GCE (Google Compute Engine) instances, although this only applies to users paying for Gold Support (and additional $400 a month on top of our instance costs).

While Google is only offering around 4% reduction in costs, it’s quite feasible that AWS users will also only see similar reductions in prices, despite the (up to) 26% reduction Amazon are advertising.

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