• Cloud Storage

    The Top 10 Personal Cloud-Storage Services

    Dropbox is certainly one of the more popular public cloud storage services available. Being one of the earlier providers, Dropbox benefits from name recognition, a large user base and a simple and efficient user interface. Offering both free and paid services with a variety of

  • WindowsAzure

    Microsoft Azure quietly continues to grow

    When people think “big public cloud”, certain names come to mind: Amazon, Rackspace, Maybe Google. Even Apple, for some reason, although they don’t really have a true cloud offering (although the use of the word “cloud” in iCloud, plus the popularity of the iPhone, has

  • Fibre Optics Colours

    Australia’s #3 ISP refuses to sign on to NBN

    iiNet, Australia’s 3rd largest ISP, has rejected signing on to selling the NBN to it customers, citing the NBN co’s “appalling delivery record”. iiNet’s chief regulatory office,┬áSteve Dalby, has stated that iiNet has decided to sign on to the NBN at this stage, as they’re