• Why Pick Cloud

    Why does cost matter so much, in the cloud?

    Making the decision to move into the cloud isn’t (and shouldn’t be) all about price. In fact, it shouldn’t be about price at all. Now – that’s not to say you shouldn’t be getting a good deal out of your cloud provider and it certainly

  • FairSearch

    What do you do when you can’t compete on merit?

    Hypocrisy has a new name – and that name is Fairsearch.org: a consortium formed out of Google’s competitors to try to use government regulation as their next weapon against Google’s search and Android businesses. Companies, including Nokia, Oracle, Microsoft and a bunch of companies you haven’t

  • Hackers

    Hackers now targeting your cloud

    It should really come as no surprise, but media reports are now suggesting that cloud computing services are increasingly becoming the target of malicious folk, attempting to gain access to your data. It’s now estimated that just under half of Australian businesses are using some

  • Cost Cutting

    Amazon & Google cut prices

    Amazon has reduced the pricing on their public cloud bohemoth, AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the past week. While the cloud giant is touting “up to 26%” cost reduction, the reality is many users won’t see such a dramatic reduction in costs and quite a

  • Business Love Private Cloud

    Business falling in love with Private Cloud

    The latest results out from a US centric survey into business expectations from data centres is out in the form of the Annual North American Data Center Demand Survey and they seem to show that demand for private clouds remain on the up and up. The survey covered 300

  • Coalition NBN Plan

    Coalition NBN alternative plan released

    Today, the Australian Liberal Party released their alternative plan to the government’s NBN and given their previous positions, it’s quite a scaled up approach. Historically, the Liberal’s plan had been to rely more heavily on the private sector, coupled with a government funded wireless network, costing